Regeneration & cleaning

Our innovative ultrasound procedure


From 20,000 Hz even microplastics and hormones explode

Can be used anywhere

Hotel industry, housing construction, clinics and much more.

without chemicals

It couldn't be more environmentally friendly. Our technology cleans wells exclusively with highly effective ultrasound.

Extremely gentle on materials

Without damaging the well structure.

Innovative & environmentally friendly

Our well cleaning and regeneration method is designed to improve pumping performance without damaging the well shaft through the use of equipment and procedures. This means we use effective techniques that remove the scale and contaminants in the well without compromising the structural integrity of the well shaft.

​Our approach is based on innovative processes that enable thorough cleaning of the well while ensuring that no damage occurs to the well structure. We rely on gentle methods that effectively remove deposits such as sediments, iron and manganese sludge and biological biofilm from the well.

A key aspect of our technology is the avoidance of the use of any chemicals. Instead, we rely on environmentally friendly processes and natural cleaning mechanisms to ensure sustainable and gentle cleaning. This not only protects the environment, but also improves the quality of the water produced.

​Our goal is to extend the life of the fountain and optimize water quality without resorting to harsh chemicals or harmful processes. Through our innovative approach to well cleaning and regeneration, we ensure your water supply remains efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Effectiveness proven by 10+ universities

and in well over thousands of well regenerations worldwide

Efficacy studies

We have already regenerated several thousand wells worldwide

The outstanding effectiveness of the process has been clearly demonstrated in well over a thousand regenerations. In a multi-year scientific research project financed by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Osnabrück) at a German university in collaboration with a waterworks - the Cleaning effect that extends deep into the gravel area has been proven. The proof was provided both in the laboratory using a well model and in scientifically supported practical use on real wells. The sustainability of the process has also been confirmed.

No chemical substances are introduced into the well and there are no forces that can put strain on the filter material or other parts of the well structure. It therefore meets all modern requirements for modern environmental and material protection.< /p>

Our systems have been in use in the Czech Republic and Poland, among others, for several years.

Without chemicals - deep into the filter gravel

With our process based on high-energy ultrasound, the filter gravel is highly effectively removed from performance-reducing deposits and deposits, because ultrasound penetrates this area almost unhindered. The effect extends far into the filter gravel pack. Even clogged pore channels are cleaned.